Lithuanian Union of Pensioners "Bočiai"

Lithuanian Union of Pensioners "Bočiai" is an independent, voluntary association with 54 communities and 8 clubs, which operate throughout the country.
Lithuanian Union of Pensioners "Bočiai" was established in 1991. It brings together the legal and natural persons of retirement age, who seek the improvement the quality of life of the elderly people and better representation of their interests. The main goal of this Union is to represent the economic, social and cultural interests of people of retirement and before retirement age and defend them in all governmental institutions of all levels.

Contact details:
A. Goštauto g. 5/2
LT-01106 Vilnius
Tel.: (85) 2125023
Fax: (85) 2125023

Lithuanian Association of the Elderly

Lithuanian Association of the Elderly is an independent and public non-profit organization with 59 units and 42 clubs in the whole territory of Lithuania.
Lithuanian Association of the Elderly was established in 1993. It is the member of the International Federation of Associations for the Elderly (FIAP). Lithuanian Association of the Elderly represents the interests of its members in governmental and local municipalities' institutions, international non-governmental and other organizations.
Main objectives of this association are to improve the social integration of the elderly people into society through cultural events, intergenerational relationship, as well as develop a positive image of older people, to encourage older people to organize themselves according to needs and opportunities, to strengthen their communication and mutual assistance.

Contact details:
J. Basanavičiaus g. 29a-60
LT-03109 Vilnius
Tel.: (85) 2151765