Mainstreaming Ageing Indicators To Monitor Sustainable Progress And Policies

The UNECE region was the first to adopt the Regional Implementation Strategy (RIS) to monitor Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing (MIPAA), and the European Centre is responsibe for "technically and scientifically" supporting the monitoring RIS process. One of its key tasks is to develop a list of "indicators of achievement". For this purpose, many international experts contributed with background papers and policy briefs in the April 2004 workshop "Sustainable Ageing Societies: Indicators for Effective Policy-Making", held in Madrid, Spain. The book Mainstreaming Ageing: Indicators to Monitor Sustainable Progress and Policies is a compilation of these papers to the workshop, which were extended and revised by their authors during the past two years. In line with the topics covered in the Madrid workshop, the chapters are organised into six parts: Part I reviews the changing demographic contexts; Part II examines income and wealth indicators; Part III assesses the quality of life considerations; Part IV looks into labour market participation and early retirement issues; Part V reviews the social protection sustainability issues; and Part VI examines economic growth and financial sustainability

The analyses included in these chapters make concrete suggestions towards quantitative indicators, with an aim to assist national governments in mainstreaming ageing in their policies and in monitoring the progress made. Many of these chapters provide an overview of the current situation and also provide projections for the future. The book will also include an insertion of the final list of quantitative indicators that arise out of consultations with many international experts, related to the four topics addressed in Madrid: demography, income and wealth, labour market participation, and social protection and financial sustainability.

The book is edited by Bernd Marin and Asghar Zaidi of the European Centre, with assistance from Barbara Lipszyc and Mattia Makovec (formerly researcher at the European Centre).

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