Key Documents - Policies and Strategies

Document: Mid-long term trends for the pension, health and long term care systems - Summary and conclusions (2009)

Document: National Action Plan on Social Inclusion (EU-27: NAPs)

Document: 2009 National Report on Older People Conditions and Opinions: a different society

Implementation Activities - National Implementation

Document: Country report on national follow-up to the UNECE Regional Implementation Strategy (RIS) Of The Madrid International Plan Of Action On Ageing (MIPAA) (pdf format)

Document: "Evaluating active ageing policies in Italy: an innovative methodological framework" - Report (pdf format)


Basic Info

Demographic indicators

Basic UNECE profile

Income and Wealth


Social Protection and Financial Sustainability



Country Reports

Document: EUROFAMCARE: National Background Report (pdf format)

Documents: Quaderni del Ministero della Salute: policies for clinical appropriateness, technological and structural assistance to the elderly (pdf format, background information)