Indicators to Monitor Implementation


This section presents one key tool for the RIS follow-up, and also one key outcome of the MA:IMI project.

It is built on meetings' outcome and further research around the RIS commitments. It will be completed according to the commitments addressed in further work.

The suggested core indicators are visualized using data from cross-international sources (which are mentioned on the corresponding pages). Should you feel that some of them can be specified / updated with national data sources, we would highly welcome your proposal to the following email:, and submit it to the Editorial Committee. Your contribution would be, of course, acknowledged on the website as well.

The first four topics - Demography, Income, Labour Market and Social Protection - have been initiated in a workshop held in Madrid, in April 2004 (for more details, click here)

List of Madrid Indicators (pdf format)

Methodological notes (pdf format)

Useful sources

Indicators for the 2nd cycle of review and appraisal of RIS/MIPAA (2007-2012) (pdf format)