National Board for Ageing and Pensioners Affairs

The Advisory Board for Ageing and Pensioners' Affairs is an advisory body under the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health familiarised with matters concerning older people and pensioners. Its task is to act as a contact body between the stakeholders influencing older people's and pensioners' affairs and to promote the dissemination and use of information on their living conditions, rights and experiences in society, to monitor and evaluate the future development of this population group's income security, services and other living conditions, as well as to take initiatives on these matters.

The Advisory Board also follows the research and development concerning older people and ageing and the living conditions of the elderly and pensioner population within the European Union, as well as local level issues concerning them. At request the Advisory Board gives opinions on matters within its sphere of duties and also carries out other tasks assigned to it by the Government or the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.

contact details

Secretaries for the Advisory Board
Ms Carita Wuorenjuuri, tel. 09-160 74412, E-mail:
Ms Mervi Takala, tel. 010-751 2162, E-mail: