currently available for Commitment 4 and 5

Commitment 1

"To mainstream ageing in all policy fields with the aim of bringing societies and economies into harmony with demographic change to achieve a society for all ages"

Commitment 2

"To ensure full integration and participation of older persons in society"

Commitment 3

"To promote equitable and sustainable economic growth in response to population ageing"

Commitment 4

"To adjust social protection systems in response to demographic changes and their social and economic consequences"

Commitment 5

"To enable labour markets to respond to the economic and social consequences of population ageing"

Commitment 6

"To promote life-long learning and adapt the educational system in order to meet the changing economic, social and demographic conditions"

Commitment 7

"To strive to ensure quality of life at all ages and maintain independent living including health and well-being"

Commitment 8

"To mainstream a gender approach in an ageing society"

Commitment 9

"To support families that provide care for older persons and promote intergenerational and intra-generational solidarity among their members"

Commitment 10

"To promote the implementation and follow-up of the regional implementation strategy through regional co-operation"